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الثلاثاء، 31 أغسطس 2010

Make-Up And Cosmetics

Beauty Tips

 When shopping for lip color and eye shadow, put a clean sheet of white     paper in your bag. New lip colors can be ested .on the paper along with a strip of eye shadow. You can then examine the colors in daylight outside, away from the artificial lighting in the store

Fragrance: Use two light formulas together to lock a scent in rather than  a heavy application of one fragrance which can overwhelm those close to you. Using a scented body cream and then lightly spraying with an eau de toilette or parfum of the same scent will still result in a long-lasting effect

 Just use regular cold cream to remove oil-based makeup**

Make your nails seem more slender by applying a dark nail varnish down
the center part of the nail being careful not to take it right to the edge of the sides of nail

When testing the color of a foundation and you are already wearing a foundation, use the areas on your neck or inner arm. The skin tone in these areas matches the face more closely than the hands and a better judgment can be made

 To find the best spot to apply blush, smile widely, take note of where the cheek rises to a round shape. This lifted part of the cheek is the best place for blush to look natural as a flush will often color this area of the cheek

 For concealer to last many hours, be sure to apply it in small amounts at a time in two or three layers. This technique guarantees long wear

With oily skin, avoid toners that contain alcohol as these can dry out the skin and block impurities beneath the surface. To avoid over drying the skin use toners containing AHA's. They help to smooth the skin's texture

 Every so often gather all the make-up you have from various places and do an analysis. Be ruthless and throw out anything over two years old, that has a musty odor, that is messy or runny, where liquids have separated, or anything that is dirty or falling apart such as sponges and brushes. By optimizing in this way you can purchase new supplies where needed and keep your make-up kit in top condition

 If you have oily skin, use very little moisturizer or, if possible, none at all. Too much moisturizer on oily skin can cause makeup to slide away

If lip lines are a problem, apply lipstick vertically instead of horizontally

When removing makeup, take a Q-tip which has been dipped in a non-oily remover and run it over the eyelashes to take off any remaining mascara

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Continuation of fashion always

If there is something as key to always

staying in fashion it is realizing the importance of fashion

classics. each year, it becomes difficult to stay

in style

If you do not have the financial capacity to buy new clothes each year

.However, there are

A few clothes that allow you to always go for fashion and change

look for each new season


While some fabrics are nature made to be worn according to seasons, some others are

very expensive. Yet, there still are some fabrics which go well for all the seasons, occasions, and are not very
expensive and they are aptly named the classics. Denims are considered king of this category and never go

 out of style. Blue denim with a white shirt, irrespective of which era he or she belongs to, can add a huge plus to ones fashion quotient. There are similar options to choose from even for slightly formal occasions too

. Rayons and Polyesters have never gone out of fashion and if chosen with right patterns colors and topped
 with right accessories, can surely make you stand out. At the same time, for party wear, chiffons still makes

 very good fashion sense, and one can be sure of gaining a lot of attention

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All the new in Hejab fashion

All the new in Hejab fashion

colours fashion


Color tonic and refreshing and contributes to the relaxation of the nervous system ... And reduce inflammation .. and very useful in the event of injury, eczema ..


Radiant and joy ... ... and yummy ... and pure ... And brilliant ... this color enhances the color sense of impartiality and activates the nervous system ... and contribute to the treatment of rheumatism by removing toxins from the body ... and affect the spleen, stomach

Here are some of the most colorful

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furniture fashion

Speed standard up-to-Fashion Furniture «Moder», the advantage of this design comfortable and functionality, note that the key lies in selecting the quality of materials used in the manufacture and not configurations

Sits on the throne of white linen fashion for this year, which is used for wood and fabrics, both in the bedroom where the white enamel coating wood or fabrics, salons and living rooms. Also, the color black is also popular, and can be intermingled with the white to make the antithesis does not wear out!

Other popular colors are: Lavender Lavender gray italics to any Allilki, and derivatives of italicized brown to black.

In parallelism, the fabrics are top this year, are: Chamois leather, and fit in with the use of different types of fabrics both in the salon or living rooms, especially at the base of sofas

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Fashion colors

Color phosphoric


Color conciliator

Beauty of your hair every problem has a solution

Hair like skin loses its vitality with the exhaustion and stress diet Vedahmh harsh and difficult to make him so as not plagued your hair you the most 5 common problems and ways to solve them

Experts always say that hair care and prevention begins with the use of certain vitamins, which holds its infrastructure Alknyn article extracted from the bark of eucalyptus as well as the 138 which is available in abundance in mushrooms and yeast, broccoli, eggs, milk, chocolate and all kinds of cheese

Hair without vital
Sometimes there is electric charge hair due to constant use of haire blow or the result of sudden fluctuations in weather and temperature and the transition of moisture to the dry weather and the opposite of all these difficult to obtain a fixed hairstyle

Solution: Put a little water with the cream, demobilization and can put the amount of installed on the comb and Mrreha on the hair until it becomes more flexible and can be washed easily is likely to be hair fatty Over time Taatqcef limbs and hair falls from the roots so you should choose a good kind of shampoo your hair greasy capsules with hair nutrition nutritious

Coarse hair: the hair is coarse due to the use of hair dye is not trusted or frequent use of hair dyes

Solution: Use a special shampoo, hair dye after he feeds the hair from the limbs and nothing whatsoever to avoid any products made in the composition of a high proportion of alcohol, wash your hair three times per week
Greasy hair from the roots and dry at parties

Most of the women suffer from this problem and there are many factors, mainly caused by wrong choice of shampoo and hair Balsecoar permanently, which burn or hair care solutions such as using the error is not required, as well as air pollution

Solution: prefer to consult a dermatologist with the change of shampoo and use some kind must be reliable and rinse the hair after being washed for three minutes at least and try to mitigate as much as possible of the nature and use of Alscoar

Hair falling profusely
================Normally women lose about 50 hairs a day and short hair may not notice it, but in the long hair it seems remarkable and could lead to nervous tension and believes that the main reason is the decline in hormones

Solution: If you notice that your hair falling out than usual, you have to use lotion against hair loss Astkhaddmih three times a week to get a positive result, but if the aggravation of the situation you should consult with your doctor

Dry hair too much

The main reason for this is the hair loss of some nutrients which it had received through healthy eating as well as use a lot of shampoo, dye and permanent exposure to sunlight

Solution: Use any shampoo contains nutrient composition in wheat and leave to dry naturally and avoid the use of character from time to time doctrinaire mask for your hair Mcefar consists of two eggs and one teaspoon olive oil Put the mixture on the scalp for half an hour, then Ashotfih warm water

Your hair with henna

Plant henna features to help nourish hair and treatment of some problems Khaspalharaldhenne, where Tattabralhina important to reduce the amount of fat in it's consideration of the presence of Mwadkabdp resisting increased Ifrasaldhun and Tefidwi treatment peel hair, inflammation of the scalp, and resistant to hair loss, Balidhavpily it contains materials Mtehrptaml to purify they provided to the head of the microbes and parasites
 There must be a hair clean enough

 Do not allow henna on the hair Oktrmen 4-6 hours

- Do not allow Alhinaaly Alcartoal night Mtalegahty Flocculates and not being bombed when washed

Atgsley to your hair from Alhnpbalchampo, which simply wash only Balbsam, wash shampoo on the second day until it is proven color

- To work Atqomi bath oil to your hair the same day, Leave for a second day, to confirm the color, and prefer to use coconut oil ..

Mix Alhnh
========(Hannah yogurt eggs butter Three tablespoons apple cider vinegar three tablespoons of honey and one clove of garlic, hot water relatively)

Are mixing the mixture well and then you can leave the hair between 4 to 6 hours. Then washed Balbsam and water

The correct way to work oil bath

The work of bath oil for hair, please take into account the foregoing, and in order to obtain the best

First is the work of massage hair is rubbing the head with your fingers before the beginning of pigeon damage around the head with a wet towel with hot water and then with picture well. Heating oil will be set a bit, then put oil on the head and rubbing his fingers well and leaves the oil on the head about three to four hours and finally wash hair shampoo well and rinse water well to remove any lasting effects of the oil

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