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الأربعاء، 11 أغسطس 2010

furniture fashion

Speed standard up-to-Fashion Furniture «Moder», the advantage of this design comfortable and functionality, note that the key lies in selecting the quality of materials used in the manufacture and not configurations

Sits on the throne of white linen fashion for this year, which is used for wood and fabrics, both in the bedroom where the white enamel coating wood or fabrics, salons and living rooms. Also, the color black is also popular, and can be intermingled with the white to make the antithesis does not wear out!

Other popular colors are: Lavender Lavender gray italics to any Allilki, and derivatives of italicized brown to black.

In parallelism, the fabrics are top this year, are: Chamois leather, and fit in with the use of different types of fabrics both in the salon or living rooms, especially at the base of sofas

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