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الخميس، 15 يوليو 2010

The basics of make-up

Fashion brand makeup 2010 makeup Revlon 2010

Skin colors and matching make-up:

 Alfondtan "cream foundation" is a darker one degree of skin color *

powder is lighter degree of incorporation *

 Ashdown "Shadow": Degrees of light (blue, green and violet) *

 Maskrey: dark brown *

 Eyebrows: Using a song a little darker than hair color *

 Albuleshr "red cheeks": orange, red or pink grades *

 contour "specified", and Roger: fits what Achterte the red cheeks and be quiet colors.*

White, orange: the color tends to red than to yellow, and often accompanied by red or blonde hair
 Alfondtan: liquid slash to orange or Akhawkhi.*

 Ashdown: light colored with dark brown.*

Black and Blue *

 of the eyebrows: Albornzi color to red or italic *

 Albuleshr and lips: the most yellow orange ripples of red *

ixedGold skin (pale yellow): infested with yellow + colors m
  Alfondtan: Color Beige *
 Open the degree of incorporation and the color Mtamojat Akhawkhi. *

Ashdown: Put the suit colors of your eyes, preferably light such as green and blue colors and the authors Alguetmp

 eyebrow: If we use the light the darker the eyebrows of the same color.*

 Albuleshr and lips: red, red to orange slash. Dark-skinned:*

 Alfondtan "cream foundation":
Open one or two degrees of skin color. *

 Stay away from the black powder *

 Ashdown: brown or green or blue *

Use any of the Inner eye shadows suits *

 for eyebrows: Use gray or brown and avoid black.*

 Albuleshr "cheeks", and the lips: red italics to yellow or brown.*

Skin structure of copper:

 Choose the creation of a "Vondtan" fits your skin.*

 Open a few of the color of incorporation.*

 for the eyebrows: be appropriate for the color of your hair. *
colors, "Ashdown" for you. *

 red lips and Albuleshr: original red or orange. *

Olive skin: usually accompanied by hair black eyes and black

 Foundation and powder: From the same skin color *

for the eyebrows: dark brown *

 eye shadows: light colors less dense. *

 Avoid determine the eye black. *

 cheeks and lips: ripples Akhawkhi color. *

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