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الخميس، 15 يوليو 2010

Moda Hair

Fashion disappeared sleek hair is curly. Fashion this season is natural hair relaxant, which does not require you to only a little effort, especially if you are Hbahn God curly or wavy.

As the curls a technique known to the beautification of hair since the early seventies is like an individual or ironing and wrinkle heat and of course, the use of iron cause a temporary change to the appearance and texture of hair. There is no doubt that irons wrinkles that add the difference in hair texture, and gives you the ability to do new and different landscape entirely

But because the impact of iron hair is not always as they may be attributable to his Tgsleynh quickly laundry is a way that does not support them. So if you want to curl your hair continuously in the hairstyle of your own ... But before we look for an appropriate way to curl your hair will not be harmed, including Kalmkoap should you recognize the face of the specifications and features of the fit with the wrinkle.

The face shape ideal for curly hair Crimper is a small and oval, however, any form of the face can bring a different form with ruffles If curls wisely. Some forms of facial fit with wrinkle full of hair, some forms of matching curls only part of the hair, Vakoshkcp can be conducted only to layer the bottom of the hair or above, or all or locks him only, for example, will add Kckcp both sides of your hair texture and appearance of heavy for your hair while add Kckcp Horsetail a sense of height and richness to your hair. Try an experiment and change the shape of a horse's tail Baltjaid Remember that if your hair is thin, give him Vakoshkcp size and if you have thick hair makes him seem considerably.

:How to curl hair
=========== =

You can follow the following steps after verifying the appropriateness of wrinkle to your hair and choose the best places for the locks to Tdjaidha.

If your hair sleek, rolls used a large or thick iron to curl hair.

 Through the following steps

 Wash your hair with shampoo appropriate  -

 Use a good moisturizer balm-

Rinse hair with cold water rich-

 dried very good towels-

 Dress Pettmcith and Tsen-

 After drying hair well and to eliminate any moisture and when the hair is dry -

Completely, using irons on your hair or Almkckcp winders 

 You can curl the hair in different forms Sometimes divided equally on both sides and at other times in the tail of a horse, etc

However, if your hair is sleek and national development of a small cream or gels actually scrub your hair wet from the root to the vertices, and then Nschwih without the use of the brush.


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