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الخميس، 15 يوليو 2010

Make-up Secrets

Light and quick tips makeup certainly elegant Stjbk
To hide the red spots you can use the cream of concealment green. And hide freckles, freckles cream by concealment brown
 Anfdi tag powder for brush or sponge
- Play on the details of your face so that the Ethiopians hot colors and color the eyes cool on the lips and vice versa
 Put a light layer of powder after the free cream base
 Avoid space between the eyelashes and marker eyes
And try as much as possible to be planning the eye very close to the eyelashes. - During the process of eye shadow is recommended that you keep an eye open, it facilitates the distribution of color
- Almsakara dense outline eyelashes, mascara Ktvi when the roots of lashes, but Obaadiha as possible from Jaffna in its development and offer him a lot of them may Iakecrha That raises the eye. Atli lashes several layers of mascara up to the parties at home and abroad. Remove brush and small appendages divisional lashes from each other using a special comb

- Mix a little bit of cream base with a little of the hidden Halos and lay out the mix under your eyes light touches. Make sure to cover the inner corners of eyes and then Pour a little bit of powder free to install the mix. Put bronze powder on the entire face of the shining brilliance

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